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Styled Shoots and Editorial

Photo Shoots 

Blue bell silk ribbon and florals by Old Slate Farm, photo by Jenna Powers

Thank you so much for considering The Lesser Bear for your upcoming photoshoot. We are honored to be a part of your creative vision. While we do participate in a limited number of photo shoots per year, we cannot honor every request for items. If you are planning a shoot, please follow the guidelines below. 

Please also note that priority will be given to shoots with inclusive teams of vendors. We value the time, talent and perspective of BIPOC and LGBTQ vendors and encourage you to create as diverse a team as possible prior to contacting us to ask for items.


You are welcome to email us concerning your upcoming project at - please include the following in your request:

- All participating vendors with Instagram names

- Date and location of the project

- Color palette and preferably a mood or inspiration board. Link to a Pinterest board would work too

- The items that you are requesting

While we cannot participate in every project, we will do our best to review each email and respond in a timely manor.


When using The Lesser Bear Items

Silk ribbon tied around a napkin

When using The Lesser Bear items in a photo shoot, we request that you follow these simple guidelines.

When using ribbon

- Please be sure to iron any wrinkles in the ribbon (a quick pass of the iron, or a flat iron should do the trick)

- Provide us with at least 3 images with the full length of the ribbon. We are happy to share pose ideas to help you get those shots

- Please leave the ribbon tales at least 8 inches long, unless we discuss otherwise, prior to the shoot

- Do not use any other ribbon maker's ribbon in the shoot

When using table linens

Table linens by The Lesser Bear

- Please be sure to iron any wrinkles. We are happy to provide instructions on the best way to iron the fabric that you are using

- Be sure to include multiple shots that specifically highlight the table linens

- Be careful of candle, food and liquids, as these can mark or stain the fabric. If table linens are damaged during a shoot, the borrowed is responsible for the sale price of the item

- Do not wash the item unless you discuss care instructions with The Lesser Bear prior to doing so

Crediting Properly

When using The Lesser Bear ribbon or table linens in a shoot, please be sure to follow the guidelines below, for proper crediting

Posting to Instagram

- The first time that you post an image from a shoot, please be sure to give credit in caption and tag the photo as well

- In subsequent postings of the same image, a simple tag is fine

The chart below is a look at how we approach ensuring that all vendors are properly credited.

thinking through giving proper vendor credit in styled shoots

Posting on Facebook

- The first time that you post an image from a shoot, please be sure to give credit in caption and tag the photo as well

- In subsequent postings of the same image, a simple tag is fine

Websites/Printed Materials/Pinterest, etc.

We understand that each shoot is a collaboration and that you will be using images from the shoot in a variety of ways. Sometimes vendor credit is not appropriate, but we would appreciate it if you would credit whenever possible, and we will endeavor to do the same

It can be tricky to remember who or what to credit when posting an image. Our advise is to over credit, when in doubt. All collaborating vendors should in credited. It is always nice to also credit vendors for who's products or services you may have paid for as well. We created the image below to help you think through what should be credited in an image.

A chart to determine who and what to credit in an imageSubmitting images for publication

When submitting images to a publication, please follow these guidelines

- give credit for each type of items borrowed

- include a short highlight or description of The Lesser Bear's contribution in text provided to the publication

While mistakes or errors of omission do sometimes happen, if all effort has not been made to ensure that the publication gives proper credit, we will invoice the borrower for the sale price of the items.

 Returning items

Once your shoot is over, we would appreciate it if you could return the items in a timely manor and in good condition. If items are not returned within a reasonable timeframe, or arrive back in a damaged condition, we will invoice the borrower for the full sale price. Ribbons do not need to be returned, unless unused or uncut. Return shipping is at the borrowers expense.