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Meet the Maker - The Lesser Bear

Meet the Maker

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we delve into the stories of the artisan who breathes life into The Lesser Bear's cherished offerings. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Kate Morris, the creator behind our naturally dyed silk ribbons, whose journey from jewelry design to the heart o...
This Week in Ribbon Sept. 3rd - Fall colors and flowers - The Lesser Bear

This Week in Ribbon Sept. 3rd - Fall colors and flowers

This week is all about Fall Colors. It started with a longing for the summer heat to break, and now that it is on its way to a more comfortable level, I am starting to get excited about the fall and all the wonderful flowers and plants that are perfect for dyeing with. I brought out these co...
Men with Bouquets - The Lesser Bear

Men with Bouquets

I have an obvious passion for flowers, and a super soft spot photos of men holding flowers. Honestly, most of the time, it is a groom holding a bouquet for the bride, but I would love to see at least one (if not both) of two grooms carry flowers. It might not be tradition, but there is no rule th...
Pre-Raphaelite Styled Wedding Shoot - The Lesser Bear

Pre-Raphaelite Styled Wedding Shoot

I grew up playing the game of Memory with cards of famous paintings, as my Mom had majored in Art History. After I got my degree in Jewelry Design, I got a Masters in Fine and Decorative Arts (Art History) and then went on to work at the auction house Sotheby's. So, it is no surprise that I jumpe...