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This Week in Ribbon Sept. 3rd - Fall colors and flowers - The Lesser Bear

This Week in Ribbon Sept. 3rd - Fall colors and flowers

Fall Colors of Naturally Dyed Silk Ribbon and Dye Plants
This week is all about Fall Colors. It started with a longing for the summer heat to break, and now that it is on its way to a more comfortable level, I am starting to get excited about the fall and all the wonderful flowers and plants that are perfect for dyeing with.
Fall Silk Ribbon Colors by The Lesser Bear
I brought out these colors this week and am thinking of some limited edition fall silk ribbon colors. Which are your favorite, and would you use fall inspired colors on your wedding bouquet or invitation?
Eco Print Silk Ribbon by The Lesser Bear
Newly released! This limited edition Eco Printed Silk Gauze Ribbon is now available on the website. It is dyed with fresh indigo leaf, marigolds, and scabies, all grown in my garden this summer.
Sketchbook page on Tango Cosmos by The Lesser Bear
My favorite dye flower in the summertime is the Tango Cosmos. I got my seed from Grand Prismatic Seed. It grows in tall delicate plants bursting with bright orange flowers. The bees buzz away at it all summer making it feel joyful and alive. It also sometimes gets visits from hummingbirds, which is fun as I don't see many of them here in Ohio. This year I planted them in my raised beds, around the Hopi Black Sunflowers, so that there is color blooming from the top of the beds to about 10ft up in the air.
Fall Dye Flowers from the Garden of The Lesser Bear
Here is another glimpse of the late summer/early fall dye plants in my garden. Starting with scabiosa, buddleia, indigo, echinacea, marigolds, cosmos, hopi black sunflowers, yarrow and dyer's camomile. 
All of these flowers will be used to make ribbons and paints over the coming year. I have also been having TONS of seeds, with hopes of increasing the size of my dye garden. The extra bonus is that many of these dye flowers are also excellent flowers for pollinators. 
Bouquet by Moss and Meadow Designs with silk ribbon by The Lesser Bear
Last but definitely not least, is this beautiful bridal bouquet by Moss and Meadows Designs. I adore the fall colors paired with the pink roses and white accents. On this bouquet Arielle used Sienna Silk Gauze Ribbon

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