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Giving Back - The Lesser Bear

Giving Back

The Mission Statement of the The Lesser Bear is:

~ Elegance from nature, Beauty through kindness ~


I take this mission very seriously and make it a part of everyday business at The Lesser Bear. 

So, I thought I would take a minute and give a quick update on organizations we (you and I together) have supported recently.

Most recently, I am supporting a campaign by my friend Chelsea of Glitteracy - who is also an amazing elementary school art teacher in a school in an underserved area. Earlier this year, Chelsea was able to overcome budget cuts and raise money to buy art supplies for her students. Currently, she is raising funds to buy technology to help teach her students to make art digitally. Chelsea works her heart out for her students and runs an amazing business as well, and it is a joy to be a small part of making a difference for her students.

As you might know, my husband and and I also teach at a high school for underserved youth and though we are working hard to try to make a difference, I am a strong believer that we need to support students from as young an age as possible to give them opportunities, and Chelsea is doing just this.

Recently, I also had the pleasure of supporting an exciting organization that is connected with our school (Franklinton Preparatory Academy), Walipini Charities.

Walipini (an Aymara Indian word for a "place of warmth") is known as an underground or pit greenhouse. Shielded from the cold winter months, a walipini can produce food year around.

We build these inexpensive structures in the backyards of homes and rental properties and share the food with tenants of Columbus Permaculture Homesteads and nearby residents in the neighborhood. We also grow edible gardens using permaculture designs to plant berries, nuts, and herbs throughout the backyard landscape.

Children, parents, and residents in the neighborhoods can volunteer by working in the edible gardens and walipinis. We host neighborhood community food markets, gather together for potlucks and dinners, offer free educational classes on health, nutrition, meditation, and meet the needs of those who cannot afford to buy quality food or who are struggling financially. Our mission is to foster a warm sense of togetherness and to promote a community environment with loving kindness and genuine support.

Alex, from Walipini is building a community garden across the street from FPA, and teaching the students to garden. I really couldn't be more excited about this project as it brings so many positive things to the school and the neighborhood. I highly recommend checking out their Facebook page and following along with the good work, making a donation of your own, or volunteering.

I was also pleased to be able to make a donation of one of my quilts to the annual fundraising auction of the Franklinton Board of Trade, and organization which works hard every day to improve and support the neighborhood in which we teach.

Earlier this year, I had the joy of donating a further two quilts to the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio - an organization which does vital and important work for families of sick children.

Lastly, I had the great joy of making a donation to Habitat for Humanity of Ohio. This donation was made possible by a generous customer, who bought one of my quilts, the proceeds of which were donated to the organization.

My heartfelt thank you to YOU - without all of your support, these donations would simply not be possible. You make it a pleasure to run this business everyday, and I can't thank you enough.