Twine Collection


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently launched a collection of twines. I have since add to the variety of colors and types of twines offered in the shop. All of these twines would be a perfect addition to wedding invitations, menus, gifting and many more projects. The collection includes silk, silk/wool, flax and recycled silk ribbon twine.

Hand spun and naturally dyed silk twines in blush, silver, gray and black by The Lesser Bear

Types of Twine

Silk Twine

Above at the silk twines available in the shop. These are spun from pure silk and naturally dyed, all in my studio. They have the sheen of silk and are a loose twine with slight variations in thickness throughout the spool. The silk twine comes in Blush, Silver, Steel and Ebony.

Hand spun and naturally dyed silver silk twine wrapping and invitation


Silk/Wool Twine

Silk/Wool Twine in Taupe, Hand spun and naturally dyed by The Lesser Bear

The above twine is a combination of silk and wool. This twine is finely spun and comes in Taupe, and Soft Pink.

Taupe Silk/Wool Twine, hand spun and naturally dyed by The Lesser Bear



Flax Twine, hand spun by The Lesser Bear

This rustic twine is spun from dew retted flax fibers from Belgium. Dew retting is more environmentally conscious method than the typical water retting of fibers. Retting is the process of separating fiber from plant stalk.

Dew retting relies on night time dews and the rising temperatures of the day to naturally separate the stalk from the internal fiber bundles, which are then eventually spun into twine.

Flax twine hand spun by The Lesser Bear

Recycled Silk Ribbon Twine

Mottled Purple Recycled Silk Ribbon Twine


I am very excited about this new line of twine which I spin from excess silk ribbons that I produce in the process of creating ribbons. I have found a way to spin these excess ribbons into twine. It makes for a beautiful and unique twine with lots of character. I am also pleased that it helps me towards achieving my goal of reducing waste in my production process.

Blush Recycled Silk Ribbon Twine, hand spun and naturally dyed by The Lesser Bear

I am so excited to see how you incorporate these new twines into your designs.

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